Thursday, September 19, 2013

DJ Nicky Z-Dream - [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Here is some uplifting music that will make you smile! - DJ Nicky Z.

Release Date:     
September 19, 2013

escription of track:
Electro House track with an uplifting feeling.
EDM, House, Electro, Dance
 Bio:Raised in San Diego, California, DJ Nicky Z. of Limitless Musik has built a catalogue of remixes and original tracks since he began his journey as a producer, just 3 years ago. He is an Icon Collective graduate, and has studied under Steve Duda and it transcribes into the quality of his music.
With upcoming releases, remixes and worldwide support from countless DJs, we can safely say Nicky Z. has positioned himself amongst the finest up and coming producers in 2013.

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