Thursday, September 19, 2013

DJ Soph-eye Richard - Deep/Soulful House mix - Montreal Deep Pride

Having lived overseas more than at home in the past 2 years, I had to show love to my hometown : this deep/soulful house mix is made solely with tracks either produced and/or remixed by MONTREAL artists, peeps who are either from the city, or are currently living there. Tracks from a couple years back to some newer releases...a sneak peek into some of the talent we hold...because we have a lot of it and we should be proud. Enjoy!

1) We Are The Stars (Deepalicious Mix) -- Indysoul feat. Tantra Zawadi and Aleijuan Afuraka
2) Blind Faith (Hypnosis Dub) -- Paso Doble, Zano
3) We'll Be Together (Naked Souls Remix) -- Hollis P Monroe
4) People Say (Original Mix) -- Paolo Rocco
5) Worked It (6th Borough Project Mix) -- Tazz, Bacanito
6) Changing (Frank Turgeon Mix) -- Troy Carter, Dana El Masri
7) Give Me Something (Hollis P Monroe Mix) -- The Black 80s
8) Drifting in Time (Deepalicious Mix) -- Indysoul
9) Hourglass (Original Mix) -- Carpetbaggers

DOWNLOAD THIS MIX! :­ichard-montreal

*This mix was made live during a jam, with two CDJs-2000 and a DJM mixer, NO Sync and no magic ;)*

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